Deed Draft Only + Title Exam Only Requests

We simplify property transfers.

We offer specialized real estate services that make the property transfer process easier for our clients. Our services include deed draft only and title exam only requests. We ensure that the property’s title is free of any risks to the new owner. We aim to provide clients with a smooth and seamless experience, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

A “Deed Draft Only” request and a “Title Exam Only” request are specific services related to real estate transactions. Here’s an overview of each:

Deed Draft Only Request

Purpose: This request involves the preparation of a deed, which is a legal document used to transfer ownership or interest in a property.
Process: The party initiating the request (grantor) provides details about the property, the parties involved, and the type of ownership transfer. A legal professional, such as an attorney or title company, drafts the deed based on the provided information. The draft is reviewed by the grantor to ensure accuracy and alignment with their intentions. Once approved, the deed is finalized, signed, and notarized, ready for submission to the county recorder’s office.

Title Exam Only Request

Purpose: This request involves a title examination, which is an investigation into the history of a property’s ownership and any potential issues affecting its title.
Process: The party requesting the title exam (typically the buyer or lender) engages a title company or a title attorney to conduct the examination.

The title examiner reviews public records, including deeds, mortgages, liens, and other relevant documents, to trace the property’s ownership history. The title examiner identifies any existing liens, encumbrances, or title defects that could impact the property’s marketability. A title report is generated, summarizing the findings of the title examination. The title report is provided to the requesting party, who can then address any issues before proceeding with the real estate transaction.

It’s important to note that these requests can be part of a broader real estate transaction, such as a property sale or transfer. The “Deed Draft Only” service focuses on preparing the legal document for the transfer, while the “Title Exam Only” service focuses on assessing the title’s condition and identifying potential obstacles or risks.

For a complete and legally sound real estate transaction, both services may be utilized, with the deed draft facilitating the ownership transfer and the title exam ensuring that the property has a clear and marketable title.

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